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Insights from Nasscom Leadership Forum – global citizenship, the old, the new, cross-generation and nostalgia

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Video conversation with John Suffolk, CIO of UK government, on social media and data mashups

At the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in Mumbai, I had an opportunity to sit down with John Suffolk, Chief Information Officer of Her Majesty’s Government. more

Challenges that only the IT-BPO Industry can take up

IT is playing a pivotal role today in development of our country,  in both an economic and social sphere. There are societal challenges that we believe only the Indian IT-BPO Industry can really make work. more

Harish Mehta recounts the NILF journey

NASSCOM started its journey in 1988 as Harishbhai reminisced about a time that was, and the iconic Dewang Mehta who would change the face of NASSCOM forever. Such was the man’s dynamism, that despite being a Chartered Accountant by profession, he was equally conversant with film photography, graphics and also boasted of extraordinary writing skills. His much talked-about article that appeared in the Economic Times in 1990- incidentally it was the year he took over as NASSCOM Chief- was about his vision for NASSCOM and the future of the IT industry. Harishbhai, having read it, found it to be very interesting, and after interacting with Dewang Mehta at NILF, was convinced that he had found the man who could lead the NASSCOM secretariat. The rest as they say is history. Dewang was a very patriotic man who really believed that India had the potential to be a global powerhouse, he added. The first conference that was held in Delhi, was supported by 30-40 members of NASSCOM. Their undivided and untiring efforts helped shape the conference, those days. It was here that Harishbhai met Dewang Mehta, and in a way, the first edition of NILF, was instrumental in bringing the stalwarts together and scripting the IT industry’s destiny. more

Recession led to a stronger view on ethics in mgt – An interview with Lynda Gratton in ET

Lynda Gratton has spent two decades working on, as she says, humanising employment . More recently her raison d’etre has been the examination of
why some organisations buzz with high energy and some just go into what seems like a deep freeze. In her best selling book ‘Hot Spots’ , this professor of management practice at London Business School says that when the right people come together in a business they can create Hot Spots, moments when innovation and excitement create exceptional results for a business. In her subsequent book ‘Glow’ Gratton puts the spotlight on people who, thus energised, are able to radiate enthusiasm and inspiration in their work and inspire and ignite other people. These are the people, she says, who will always be in demand. Yes, even in a slowdown. Gratton is considered one of the world’s authorities on people in organisations and was listed at #18 in the Global Thinkers50 – the definitive listing of the world’s top 50 business thinkers. Her newly founded Future of Work consortium brings together more than twenty global corporations in a virtual community to research, examine and co-create templates for organisational practices of the future. Together, she is hoping they will create an in-depth analysis of how we will be working – as companies and individuals – in 2020. Come February, Gratton will be bringing her message about energy and innovation to the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in Mumbai. more

The science and art of leadership

The science and art of leadership is embodied in the teachings of Prof David Garvin one of the top Professors at Harvard Business School. Participants at the NASSCOM Leadership Forum have a treat in store for them both in David’s workshop and his keynote session at the conference. more