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Funding slowdown in tech start-ups – a curse or a boon??

Snippets from our start-up report to be unveiled in October at NASSCOM Product Conclave, Bangalore more

Is continuous improvement dead?

Zero to billion dollar valuations in under five years or getting sold for millions in two years. From stone age to the information age the world of business moved at a certain pace. The customer age has given rise to a different breed of businesses – giant killers. Yes, there are startups falling by the wayside due to business model deficiencies but there are others that are thriving. more

Reportage from the Valley, Day 3 – Campus Visits and Experiential Learning

A big hello to my readers who have been following these brief updates daily. Two solid days of sessions, and spent indoors, paved the way for campus visits to Apple, Google and Facebook. All these companies have attained cult-like status. Their annual revenues are greater than the GDPs of many countries and the sheer number of individuals that they impact, would put them a notch higher than several densely populated nations. Call it the binding force, the glue, stickiness factor or what you will, but perhaps it would not be too brazen to even challenge Karl Marx and his apt observation back then, about religion being the “opium of the masses.” Arguably, and after 150 years, it is technology that may have well replaced religion as the new binding force. Would it sound blasphemous, if I compared these modern day Head Quarters to popular places of worship? The high citadels where only geeks kowtow! more

India- The Startup Nation

The recently released NASSCOM India Startup report sports the tagline – Momentous Rise of the Indian Startup Ecosystem. The kind of growth (40%) that we have witnessed in the last 5 years is nothing short of exactly that – momentous! It is precisely this kind of growth (4200 tech startups today) which has placed India in third position globally, as increasingly we see young entrepreneurs in droves, respond to the clarion call of “Startup Nation.” more

Startups: Bubble or no Bubble?

Is there a StartUp Bubble on the doorstep?

Bubble is defined differently by different people who specialize in different subjects. While an economist attributes this phenomenon to an unsustainable valuation of a cluster of companies that are built on large capitals raised from the public directly or indirectly through various funding instruments not limited to just stock market listing.  For a common man this means he is going to loose jobs, his immovable asset valuation dives nose down and he foresees a lot of turbulence in financial situation of his family.  All this is in a way, true but also “not as straight as it seems”. There is more to this saga of “bubble and its effect” that what we think. more

eCommerce in India – Fueling a billion digital dreams

With revenue of USD 1.5 trillion in 2014 and an annual growth rate of 20 per cent, the global eCommerce industry is rapidly evolving and driving technology adoption across the world. As the ecosystem is maturing, the emerging markets tend to become more lucrative and hence, pushing the providers to extend their capabilities further. more