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Hype to Reality- 3 Challenges for IoT

While I talked about demand side heating up for IoT in my previous blog, the supply side has seen steady investments over the last decade for both enterprise and consumer markets. Cisco and IBM were early adopters of IoT and have been working on their respective initiatives “Internet of Everything” and “Smarter Planet” since the late 2000s. The rise of consumer wearables and smart objects such as Pebble, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Fitbit, Nest (bought by Google), Amazon Echo, HTC Vive have rubbed off on the enterprise space. A range of companies have entered the market in the last five years to create a business IoT stack as well—developing MEMS chips and IoT devices, providing infrastructure, and building platforms and applications. more

Reinventing the Indian IT-BPM Industry in the age of robotics and automation

Today, automation and robotics are presenting the Indian IT-BPM industry with a tremendous opportunity—to lay a strong foundation for future competitiveness while creating exciting journeys for their workforce. more

The Future of Jobs in India: How effective usage of technology can reshape the jobs landscape across sectors

“Technological change is largely inevitable and impossible to stop. Short of closing borders and halting communications, an economy cannot turn its back on progress.” – Ben Horowitz more

NASSCOM Strategic Review 2016 Highlights- Digital, Partnerships, and Smart Enterprises

2015 was further proof that volatility and turmoil is all pervasive, and perhaps the new normal. The global economy- and this time, both developed and emerging countries, experienced multiple headwinds. Economic growth stagnated, global terrorism spiked, inflationary pressures continued to build up, turbulence in currency and equity markets prevailed, commodity prices declined, and unemployment continued to haunt. more

Use of Technology to fuel the growth and mitigate the risk

It is an assumption that implementation and use of technology – hardware, software and tools – will result in fueling growth to business. Growth must not be merely defined as top-line growth. It should be inclusive of efficient supply-chain management for inventory control, cash management, fast-tracking period closing and performance management. more

How the Indian IT-BPM industry can implement successful alternate business models

The Indian IT-BPM industry today is at a crossroad. From a demand side, there are fundamental shifts in customers’ buying behavior, with a greater emphasis on end-to-end ownership, standardization, time-to-market and delivering business outcomes. From a supply side, there is a challenge of skill and expertise to address new business opportunities in the digital space. Industry estimates indicate that USD 50 billion to USD 100 billion could be at risk by 2020 due to mismatch in talent supply, infrastructure and the lack of an innovation ecosystem. more