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Your virtual assistant at NILF 2011

The future is all about virtualization said Mike Rogers, futurist in residence at New York Times  who spoke on the opening day of NILF 2011. In his opinion, more interactions will be virtual in the near future than we can imagine. Our kids who are growing up in this environment may actually need to be trained to carry out interactions in the “offline” or real world, he said! Among the technologies that he spoke of, that will make a significant difference to the way companies transact business, was telepresence. Calling it videoconferencing on steroids, Rogers is convinced that with the growing sophistication of technology on one hand, and economic considerations on the other, business travel is bound to come down significantly sooner than we think.  I could well believe it, given that at Prayag, we have taken advantage of this method a fair number of times in the recent past. more

Delegate Experience at NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2010


iPad. What will you do with yours?

So, Apple has launched their new device… the iPad… and what a fanfare it was. In typical Apple style, Steve Jobs hosted a dramatic launch in his old jeans and trainers and the same old black polo-neck shirt. Come on Steve, you have a few dollars in the bank. No need to wear a suit, but perhaps a new T-shirt might not go amiss? more

NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2010 – Trailer


The science and art of leadership

The science and art of leadership is embodied in the teachings of Prof David Garvin one of the top Professors at Harvard Business School. Participants at the NASSCOM Leadership Forum have a treat in store for them both in David’s workshop and his keynote session at the conference. more

Speaker Announcement: Mark Ashman, Arvind Tawde

I have shared a list of powerful speaker names with you already. The conference would offer a bouquet of CXO’s. An intuitive retailer who believes that retailing is essentially a simple business, provided you take time to understand what is important to both your customers and your employees, Mark Ashman, CEO of Marks and Spencer will take you through the retail boom. You wouldn’t want to miss on the chance to be in the company of Arvind Tawde [Sr. VP & CIO, Mahindra & Mahindra] who has acted as a catalyst at Mahindra & Mahindra. more