Dance the Night away

With NILF 2015 here, anticipations are high and all the participants are looking forward to attending the event. The prestigious Global Leadership Awards are ready to be handed over and the speakers geared up to share their insights and transport you into the future of the amazing world of Digital. But along with all the meetings, talks and the Awards Ceremony, the evenings will be magical, all ready to set the stage on fire!entertainment

Let the Show Begin…

Weaved into the Awards Night is a scintillating dance performance by the renowned Toby Fernandes (of the Jhalak Dikhla Jaa fame) and his troupe, who will keep you grooving to the music and leave your feet tapping. Music, dance and light will enthral the audience as Toby’s troupe takes you through the ages, gracefully moving from one era to the next. We are first transported to the 50’s with rocking medleys from Bollywood and Hollywood. Helen and Elvis songs bring back nostalgic memories of heroines clad in white sarees and men in blue suede shoes!

Soon this makes way for the disco era of the 80’s. Beautifully attired in bell bottoms, the dancers will light up the stage with their nifty moves. The dancers move to the beats of Travolta and Mithun reminding us of a time when bling was the fashion of the day.

Twirling their way into the 90’s the dancers bring in the era dominated by the Khans, gyrating to the beats of Bollywood hits that have a cult following. Beautifully blending salsa with the peppy beats of Shakira, Psy and other ‘Top of the Chart’ numbers, the performers bring us up to date with today’s music.
The fantastic gala dance finale sees an eclectic fusion of Indian and Western music, costumes and people in a fast paced celebration of over 60 years of music, movies and moves that have been a part and parcel of our lives.

On the Next Day, the Entertainment Continues …

The digital phase of today has evolved and transformed our lives – made things easier and yet, unfortunately, it has a dark side when in the wrong hands. The nights’ performance will showcase how destructive we have become and how from the ashes, peace must arise. The vibrant dancers will cleverly use light and colour to highlight destruction and its powerful effect it has on our emotions. The performers illustrate how our inner forces want to stop the destruction and despair. With the emergence of new hope comes a new beginning. The dancers take us through a heart warming contemporary ballet of peace and celebration, emphasizing how futuristic technology benefits mankind and the planet for generations to come.

Come and join in the festival as NASSCOM turns 25!

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