Dead Icon: A vintage band shows the way for viral marketing

Halfway through David Meerman Scott’s presentaion at the NILF today, a familiar icon popped up – the skull bone imagery that stands for the Grateful Dead. The Dead, as the band is popularly known, was known for giving away its music free – its  fans also known as Deadheads, were allowed to freely record music during shows.  No copyright gates here. The free and easy availability of the band’s music drove its popularity – recordings or bootlegs are still traded on fan sites long years after Garcia’s ashes were scattered over the Ganga. (Jerry Garcia was the soul around which the band was formed). The point that Scott made was that companies needed to look at marketing their content in much the same way – locking whitepapers an case studies behind electroinic gates that demand forms be filled is a sure fire way of ensuring that your content is not downloaded.

Its good to see the Dead being put up as the poster child for viral marketing – interesting analogy and food for thought!

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