Deep Diving Into Customer’s Experience Of Mobile Brands

If we’d ask ourselves, “What’s the one physical thing you cannot live without every day?” We are pretty sure a majority of you would nominate your smartphone. And why not? A smartphone keeps us connected, helps us travel with maps, let us buy stuff online and so much more. With so many reasons, there are times when we tend to have a love-hate relationship with our phones. After a point of time, you might start thinking of switching to another phone. That’s the time when your geeky friends will suggest you phones of different brands which will suit your exact requirements, or you compare the available handsets across sites and keep playing with the sliders to get various suggestions. And eventually, you’ll find that one phone of your choice.
Deep Diving Into Customers' Experience Of Mobile Brands

We at tried to figure out how many users are really satisfied with their current smartphone brand. The results turned out quite surprising. All our findings are based on a survey taken by 300 respondents. It includes rating the current smartphone brand, how loyal one is to the same brand and if at all they would switch in future, then which would be their preferred brand.

Let’s deep dive straight away in to our findings:

Brand Owners:

Mobile Brand Owners Share -  Price Baba

Out of 300 respondents, a majority of 21.5% people owned Samsung phones. It’s not surprising as over the years Samsung has become the number one smartphone brand in India. Then comes, Motorola with 14% which is the first company in India that managed to successfully sell ‘value for money’ phones online only. Apple holds the third spot with 9.5% share.

While the industry and customers likewise are shifting towards the trend of affordable smartphones, there’s still a considerably large amount of users who buy Apple’s expensive products, largely possible because of the company’s assumed rich-symbolic status in Indian society. Surprisingly, Xiaomi is the only new-Chinese brand which has managed to gain a position among the top five within just 9-months of entering the Indian market. It has outgunned established players like LG, HTC, and Sony. The company’s budget-friendly devices with power packed specs are serving as a threat to the big players.

Average Brand Score:

Average Brand Scores - Price Baba

LG topped the list with a score of 8.9 while Apple came in close to second at 8.5. LG’s score could be owed to Google’s Nexus 5 phone that they manufactured. Those devices ran on stock Android and were the first to receive software updates. As far as Apple is concerned, their phones run on a simplistic UI and sport a great camera.

What surprised us the most is Xiaomi getting the same score as Apple. The company has pretty much won the audience by delivering products that offer great value-for-money. Samsung with the highest brand share scored only a below-average 6.2 on the satisfaction scale. The low score might be because of Samsung’s lower-end products that have never gotten software updates and TouchWiz UI, in general, has been laggy on those phones. Hence, we presume the users dissatisfaction.

Loyal Users:

Loyal Owners - Price Baba

As more & more choice is available for consumers today, even companies are finding it tough to retain their users. Keeping that in mind, 35% of loyal users is a fair number and brands present in this list should feel pride for keeping their users satisfied. Here, Samsung takes up the top spot with 23% share and we believe this is because their products have the best resale value and users tend to use Samsung phones over a longer period.

Apple naturally comes in second with 21% share. This could be owed to the fact that Apple has exceptional after sales service and also, once an individual buys an Apple product, he/she tends to stay loyal to the brand over the years. Third in the list is the newbie Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi. This should be a big achievement for them! The combo of power-packed hardware and an affordable price is their winning mantra.

Out of the 65% who wanted to make a switch, here are the brands that were most preferred by them.

Preferred Brands:

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Winning the race by a really high margin is Apple with 27%. After scoring 8.5 points as an average satisfaction score and having the most number of retained users, no wonder it is the most desired brand for people. Scoring almost half than Apple is Samsung with 13.5%. Samsung users were the most loyal and also the company has a varied product line up for everyone’s tastes. Contributing a 11.5% share, Motorola follows Samsung. They got an average score of 7.75. The online sales model along with value for money devices have surely gained attention, while its especially coming from a big old brand.

After all this extensive research, we can certainly get a few insights.

  • Industry-leader, Apple gains a sweet spot on almost all lists while turning out in glory to be the most aspirational brand in India. Their users are loyal and satisfied
  • Samsung is still one of the most popular brands out there, but their customer satisfaction is below-average
  • New sweet spots like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Asus have relatively managed to make a difference in the market. But they need to retain old customers, gain new and maintain the momentum
  • Nokia is still living its last few days of reign via feature phones as Microsoft itself is catching up quickly through Lumia phones (Irony!).

The report was created with contribution from Ruchita Mahimkar and Kushang Dholakia.

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