Dr. Karl Ulrich Garnadt – Displaying A Hands-on Approach to Leadership

Dr. Karl has simply worked his way up at the Lufthansa Group, and he has been doing it since 1979. A successful career spanning 35 years. Dr. Karl Ulrich Garnadt has been a member of the Board of Lufthansa German Airlines since 2007. As head of the Hub Management & Passenger Services division, he was responsible for cabin crew, hub management at Frankfurt and Munich (including network planning and management), as well as all other Lufthansa stations in Germany and their direct services.
Dr. Karl Ulrich Garnadt – Displaying A Hands-on Approach to Leadership

Humble beginnings at Lufthansa, as a commercial airline trainee from 1979 to 1982 he has had many diversified roles. After completing the three-year programme, he moved onto International Route Planning and Management. During the period 87 – 91, Dr. Karl was based in Frankfurt as Product Manager for the Southeast Asia/Australia region. In 1991 he moved to Lufthansa Cargo as Product Manager responsible for the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe, subsequently becoming Area Manager Europe. From 1995 up to 1999, he was in charge of Network Management at Lufthansa Cargo. In October 2004, Dr. Karl Ulrich Garnadt was appointed Group Representative and Head of Hub Management Munich. In that position, he was responsible for station management, commercial management, ground services and processes as well as for the ongoing development of the Munich hub.

In his present role as an executive Board Member and CEO and having taken up multiple roles, including complex Hub operations, he has very deep insights about the company. He has been an insider and that too for decades. At NILF, as a speaker he brings in a rich perspective as a hands-on manager who can go down deep.

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