Emerging Verticals – the Road best travelled – Looking for the new sunrise sectors

By – Bharath Desai of Syntel, Samantha Covell of BT and Lemuel Lasher of CSC.Bharath informed that adopting to new geographies, opening of new markets, pushing local products in global markets.

Samantha just read out some transferring process for outsourcing.

Lemuel talked about how disruption technologies can obliterate existing models and products and this will continue to happen. Many a times a new disruptive model kills the existing model or product but the new disruptive technology might not be making money yet but the monetization can occur later, for example Wikipedia which pretty much killed all the encyclopedia business. Other examples are Google and Facebook and of course they have figured out the monetization already!!

Lem mentioned about 7 digital disruption which will be prominent in days to come

- New media

- New reality

- Social power

- Information transparency

- New Waves

- Platform makeover

- Smart World

Lem was good in trying to explain the creativity and the disruption models but I feel none of the three were anywhere close to the topic. Another seminar worth missing I felt.

Manjunath M Gowda, S7 Software