Even CEOs like Gift Hampers

The Leadership Summit is serious stuff. I mean with the best brains in the world being present that is what is really expected. Their presence is felt everywhere. Talking, listening, deliberating, dining and at times even having some fun. There’ll be a group of eminent economists, talking animatedly on the plausibility of a double-dip recession and suddenly you hear the loud guffaws round the corner. An old associate met, an older joke shared, and an instant connect established! The atmosphere is charged and the ideas that flow could easily put any Ivy League School to shame. Here are people who have done it all and others who are about to follow suit. But, one thing that is common for all participants, is that they all like to receive gifts! Period.

Especially if there is an element of surprise and packaging to go with it. Don’t miss the sessions – the ones after lunch and tea breaks, which tend to be heavy. Pun, unintended here. There’ll be lucky draws and some goodies from TARGET which are up for grabs. There’s a catch to it. You have to attend the session to get one of these gift hampers. Double bonanza I’d say – you get to attend the session and win a gift. Also, CA is giving away fancy gadgets through a lucky dip on all the three days. There will be other such contests, which is all about injecting that fun element and strike a balance.

Perchance, but did I say the Leadership Summit is only serious stuff? I better retract my words. Be there anyway and win some attractive prizes.

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