Get Set Go…Building Organizations With a Vision with Lynda Gratton from the London Business School

Live Blogging the Track on Day two of the NILF 2010…Get Set Go…Building Organizations With a Vision with Lynda Gratton from the London Business School.

The session is going to be chaired by Mr. Shank Desai, Chairman, Mastek with an introduction by Sucharita Eashwer, Regional Director, NASSCOM. Ashank starts the session by introducing Lynda and well, this sure is going to be interesting. Ashank says what is delivering and who is delivering our business results. How much attention do we give to the issues of work. Are we doing as much required?

We all know how globalized and competitive the world is today!

Five Key Trends Change Our Work Forever. There have been some fundamental changes in the world which are going to affect thee way we work and we’r almost in a sitautation of a perfect storm where five forces have come together which are creating an energgy of their own and inter-realting to each otther:

  • Globalization

The world is becoming joined up in a way that we never could have imagined. We are seeing wealth moving from the world to Asia. I said a few years back with a BBC report, that China will be a profound power in the next 15 years and people wrote back to me how wrong I was, but its clear and evident now!

I just love the way Lynda is putting things. She has amazingly profound knowledge of India as well. The questions globalization creates for ll of us are:

  • What role will multinationals play
  • What will global trade mean to the way we work?
  • How will we work in cities and how will we connect the world’s cities?

Smart people anywhere in the world can now become part of the global economy, which means my son who applied to the Oxford last year, he was not just competing with the smart brains in the UK, but the same kind of people globally.

Technology, Lynda while talking about technology and how it is changing the world says what we are learning in conversation with non tech MNC’s is that they really haven’t really got how technology can change and influence the way they work! Everything can now be put on a very small piece and prices are going down! For me sitting outside your sector and looking into it, the two things which will fundamentally changing the way we work is connectivity through mobile and the cloud.

Lynda asks an mid boggling question: Nokia, the research partner with LBS, says that 5 Billion people will be connected by mobile in a few years. But the question is, what would these 5 billion people do?

Demography is another point which Lynda raises. Interestingly Lynda is sharing very important pieces of statistics, which are making a drastic effect on the audience.

Why are there so many strategy professors from India asked Lynda to a friend who introduced her to India and well she got a reply which said: well, Lynda there are a billion of us!

In the UK well, one of the biggest conflicts which is arising is youth unemployment. We dont have pensions schemes to support us. Hence people have to and will have to work for a longer time.

Low Carbon, says Lynda, is the final key to an efficient us and our future. I asked the executives of Shell, tell us what’s going to happen to the prices of Oil and they say, its going to go up. And this is going to have a huge impact on China, because it uses a huge amount of carbon and Chinese products may not be viable in the world market in the near future.

Lynda now talks about Implications on Organizations:

  • Isolation
  • Fragmentation
  • Exclusion
  • Addiction

Our world of work becomes isolated due to technology, our life is becoming fragmented. We have a huge issue also about exclusion, whcih was West V/s India in the past, but now the point of exclusion is, access to IT V/s Inaccess of the same. I believe that will be a HUGE point of conflict which is also leading to addiction.

But Surely, there is also a bright side to it which is:

  • Transparencey
  • Choice
  • Co-creation

All of us have to do something about it, if we let the default future run its natural course we will lead to the same which I just spoke about, but we can surely work towards making a solid change.

Most of you here operate in complex ecosystem and hence co-creation becomes the key.

  • I believe the future is going from you being a generalist to a master…
  • You to need to craft your reputation
  • You need to create a portfolio life

Today you need to be an individual but also need to be a connected individual. I suggest we need to think about the network we create:

  • Shaping high value networks
  • Project based work
  • Working across Generators
  • Ecosystems

You need to find people who love you, where you feel relaxed, and authentic. Most businesses are very poor at working across ecosystems.

In the end I suggest, we move from thinking only about reward and remuneration, to thinking about quality of life and I think carbon will really push this debate forward. We found the generation Y saying:

  • Making wise life choices
  • Finding regenerative communities
  • Developing carbon neutral capabilities
  • Preparing for five decades of work

I personally invite everyone to follow Lynda’s Blog:

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