Have We ignored the SMEs Altogether?

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You get a lot of insight just walking down the corridors and listening to the whispers. Though  folks are not voicing is out, there are a lot of SMEs in this event and there is a bit of discomfort in being ignored. Here are some tidbits, hopefully to provide some insights for those who are trying to help out – be it through events, or through efforts to help us ride this tough times.

1. There are a lot of SMEs trying to raise funds.
The advice from the panel seems to be that its a bad time to raise funds. But there are no solutions relevant to how to solve this problem. Unfortunately for small companies there is also the matter of cash running out fast.

2. For the conference entry ticket pricing, people are expecting spoon-fed tips.
There is a lot of management gyan including cliched “Execution is key”, “Not low-cost but build value” and all that stuff that you can find by googling. People want to know how to stay agile, bridge their costs, deploy tools to enchance employee productivity – which isnt available.

3. Too much Sales pitches and Client Poaching.
There are loads of SMEs and one of the direct quote from a delegate was “Why would i want to network with any of these guys – they are all my competitors and i cant even talk anything more than how they are and what they think of the conference because talking about offerings and clients might be a bad idea and can lead to cutting each others throat”. Fair enough. Shouldnt they be bringing in more potential clients?

4. Too high level. Contradictary statements.
There are loads of countries here trying to convince these companies to expand into their markets. Then there is talk about cutting costs, and staying close to their niche and preserve cash. Its all contradictory.

5. Meaningless words thrown around.
Session: How to retain talent.
Summary: “Managers dont accept pay cuts, leaders do. cultivate an organization of leaders”
Reaction: Sheesh!

6. NASSCOM Connect – overrun by Consultants.

Its a great effort by the team to enable networking, but its a good example to show that pure technology doesnt solve a problem or enable much. All the consultants are spamming each other asking for meetings. As of now, I am ignoring all requests, and so seems to be the case with everyone I am talking to.

Will update this as we go along, but perhaps some of the things that are spoken and discussed about in the NASSCOM Emerge Forums must be incorporated in these forums. Its kind of scary to  see that such a binding industry body such as NASSCOM didnt make use of this opportunity to help provide directions for companies – but is still playing in the palms of those who are media savvy and are building their own brands.

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