Helping the smaller companies

One of the consistent discussions that kept on cropping up while I was at the India Leadership Forum in Mumbai this month was over smaller companies. How can smaller companies find business if they don’t have overseas sales offices, and how can they be found when a potential client is actively looking for a smaller partner – probably because they are themselves fairly small and might not be considered very important by the big suppliers.

I’ve heard this many times over the years, and I started working on Peerpex a couple of years back with a view to offering a new platform that could help smaller suppliers.

I have run out of time though. I’m too busy writing to be honest. There is a great opportunity to take this idea and run with it though, if someone out there is interested? Take a look here for more information.

  1. Thomass Jacob
  2. Carl Chinoy
  3. Satish Prem Marakani

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