India Inc – the book

I’m attending a book launch in London this evening. It’s for India Inc, which was written by a friend of mine, Vikas Pota.

Vikas and his new book, need very little introduction. It has been suggested that I blitz the media with information whenever I have a new book coming out, but Vikas has surpassed my efforts and managed to get information about his book everywhere.

And it’s a timely book too. Just as the world is heading into a recovery from the past few years of economic slowdown, Vikas has studied and interviewed – at length – ten of the most important entrepreneurs in India. Rather than the usual corporate sound-bites, we have here a masterclass from each leader.

It’s interesting for the NASSCOM audience too, because Vikas has chosen companies such as HCL, TCS, and Infosys in his top ten.

Though the book is just launching today in London, he is going on a world tour to promote the book and there will be a launch in Delhi on February 23rd – do try to make it!

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