Indian IT-BPM Customer Speak: Swifter, Higher & Stronger – Are we ready for the future?

Indian IT BPM - Customer SpeakThe Indian BPM industry is now at an inflexion point- it has evolved dramatically over the last decade in terms of scale and complexity, key service offerings and the value it offers to its customers – from a legacy service based solution provider, to a strategic partner managing end to end services delivery for its customers. In today’s era, Clients expect service providers to be their “strategic business partners” ensuring business outcomes in addition to operational efficiencies. ‘Customer intimacy’-‘Customer-centricity’ are the new buzz words, industry is walking up to.

It is therefore, a key imperative for the Industry to find newer ways to own the “customers” and not just the “business processes.” Customers no longer stick to cost arbitrage, but are looking for significant value addition from their partners, thereby, talking about the reorientation of thinking process. This leads to a radical shift in the common phrase “We will offer you the best solutions provided you tell us about your requirements” to a redefined statement “We will not just own your process, we will own your customers’ needs as well”. Customers expect discussions to happen at the next level i.e., future-outcome driven where two parties can collaborate and work together either offshore/ onshore.

While the transformation from Business Process Outsourcing to Business Process Management connotes well to this redefined phase of the industry, customers today expect Indian providers to make considerable investments as to differentiate themselves from the rest of the world. Customers today believe in domain knowledge and how their partners can bundle and utilize their domain expertise to deliver the optimum solution which not only interests them but also maximizes the interest of their own clients.

Customers define four key principles/strategies that Industry should design to meet the changing expectations:

  • Domain expertise is a key differentiator – understand and own the problem well before offering a solution
  • Building a right set of talent platform
  • Believe in next level of service delivery – think to the deepest level, consider the customer’s customer point of view
  • Exceed expectations and deliver upto the expected value

Customers expect neutrality (in terms of cost) along with positivity (in terms of value delivered) from service providers. They opine and favour a WIN-WIN-WIN model as a success mantra for business i.e., a win for customers, a win for providers and a win for customer’s customer ensuring a “WOW” customer experience.

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