Introducing Nasscom Show-Cases: Highlighting the Value Impact of Indian IT-BPM industry

Part I of the blog
The Indian Information Technology and Services industry has been a catalyst for change over the years and the fast approaching USD 150 billion mark is a testament to the position of India as a partner of choice for customers across the world. The impact has been all pervasive covering all verticals, geographies and customer segments. This has involved building deep capabilities and competencies, new business and delivery models as well as drive operational excellence to improve transform businesses, make faster decisions, improve time to market of solutions and help clients grow their businesses.Intro...Nasscom ShowCases....

With more than 80 per cent of Fortune 500 and numerous SMB companies as a part of its client base, the Indian IT-BPM industry has come a long way. The focus has already shifted from cost arbitrage proposition to high business value impact displaying successful stages of client-provider relationship. To highlight India’s ever growing role in the global transformation value chain, NASSCOM has created a framework that define the value creation continuum in a technology client provider relationship.

The concept of “Show-Cases” is a collection of compelling case examples that highlight the transformational capabilities of the Indian IT-BPM industry helping clients in various industries including BFSI, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Tourism etc. The framework consists of four key levels namely:

- Operational excellence – “Do it better”

- Business transformation – “Do it differently”

- Business productivity – “Improve business”

- Business innovation – “Transform business”

Client Provider Relationship

As the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) is ever changing in this digital era, their technology budgets are now aligned to the business strategic goals and in order to better engage the business priorities and drive better business outcomes, CIOs demand agile technology solutions to fuel-in complete business transformation, thereby, choosing and measuring service providers by their ability to help create better value proposition for their businesses. To facilitate this revolution, technology service providers are becoming more innovative and moving to an ‘extremely business focused’ model; providing a superior customer experience,

‘Business transformation’ building upon the concept “Do it differently”, encompasses a range of technology centric strategies which organizations adopt in order to bring about significant improvements in business performance through process transformation, revenue impact, process efficiencies and customer satisfaction. The first installment of the Show-Cases series titled “Technology enabling process transformation” is a collection of compelling case examples that highlight the process transformation capabilities of the Indian IT-BPM industry.

Value Continuum

Using the above framework, over the next few months, we will keep sharing with you, more theme based case studies (including business impact, customer experience, productivity improvement, process enhancement etc.) that showcase the transformative impact delivered by Indian technology firms for its clients.

Stay tuned for part II of this blog which will dig further into “process transformation” as a key theme, driving the design and delivery of value-oriented operational transformation by taking an end-to-end approach to achieving excellence in the execution.

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