Lessons from the Leadership Forum

Three intense days of interaction, listening, participating and networking. What was the outcome beyond the value derived from the various well thought out sessions? We are all clearly that much richer in terms of perspective, understanding of the current financial crisis and when it may end, the opportunities before us and the people we met. What else? If anything, it is very clear that participation is key to unlocking the true potential of an organization such as NASSCOM. The more we take part in the process, the more we contribute to our own empowerment, and that of others. That’s what an industry association is all about.

Small, medium, large or titanic, unless we engage, debate, discuss, argue, figth, assert ourselves or otherwise be part of the process, we don’t really make a difference. For ourselves or for others.The Leadership Forum is one annual platform where this happens and many people come together to do all this. But what about the rest of the year? The vast majority do not engage, or at best, participate ina few programs. Its time this changed to active involvment and participation through out the year. Imagine the outcome!

That was my final take away from this years’ Forum.

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