Looking Ahead: New Ideas, New Directions

The last one year has been a transformational one for the IT-BPO industry, having ridden the severe downturn and now showing early signs of recovery. Unarguably, it was a rather trying period as time tested strategies and professional reputations took a beating, even as we witnessed the mighty fall and fail, not hitherto seen in the past 80 years. Less than a year back, in the last edition of NASSCOM 2009 in Mumbai, there were questions in the minds of participants, on issues like security, downturn and market volatility as we witnessing unforeseen challenges. Most were gearing up for a long drawn battle with enthusiasm and positivity in their hearts. Of course, it would be too ambitious to say that we have overcome all challenges, but surely these times have taught us to think differently. For years on end, managers apt at handling double digit growth were suddenly faced with an alien situation where even negative growth was a reality. Ideas which worked so well for decades, were simply put on the backburner as mere survival superseded all other goals, for many.

As NASSCOM 2010 unfolds and having seen light at the end of the tunnel, we are now in a stronger position to look at “Looking Ahead: New Ideas, New Directions”. Now is the time, to look at fresh investments, avenues and destinations, to build on a more secured future and avoid another debacle. As the old financial year draws to a close and a new one beckons, the industry is well poised to take that leap in a positive direction. With a stellar line of speakers of international repute, from industry, government, policy makers and the like, the three days can only be an enriching experience, as we take you through Leadership in changing times, emerging opportunities, visionary organization and a host of such other topics.

Inviting you, to participate at NASSCOM 2010, as we attempt to give direction to a new tomorrow. More details may be accessed at http://indialeadershipforum.nasscom.in

See you in Mumbai in February 2010.

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Som Mittal

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