Making Your Mark in Europe’s Leading Digital Market – UK technology Masterclass

The UK is among the world’s most innovative and receptive markets for information communications technology. Among Europe’s most voracious consumers of technology, UK spent an estimated US $192.3 billion on ICT products and services in 2009, according to the European Information Technology Observatory.  Most Indian ICT companies already have a presence in the UK, but are you making the most of your UK operations? How can UK Trade and Investment help grow your business in the UK and beyond? What are the specific opportunities on the horizon, and how can your company access these? How can your company be part of our new vision for Digital Britain?

If you are thinking about setting up in the UK, or looking to maximise your returns from your UK and EU operations, come join our team in an interactive discussion. Let us help shape your business success in the UK, and be the springboard for your global growth.

At the event, the Chief Information Officer of Her Majesty’s Government, industry experts from the UK and Indian companies already established in UK will share how best to succeed in the UK and access key initiatives at the forefront of transformational IT.

  • Mr. John Suffolk – UK Government’s Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. Dave Gorshkov – Sector Champion – Digital Technology & Content, UK Trade & Investment
  • Mr. Peter Beckingham – British Deputy High Commissioner, Western India

This seminar is open to NILF Delegates only.  If you are not able to attend, but would like to meet with a UK Trade & Investment officer in the margins of the event, please contact

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