Marketing mantras from John Sculley

Sculley says the key role of marketing is to ask the right questions. He alluded to a research he anchored way back at Pepsi where they started off designing a bottle to compete with then market leader Coke, but eventually went on to launch larger size packs as he found out that homes that stocked colas were always running out of stock!

He also discussed the contrasting examples of Apple and Sony or Microsoft. Sony has numerous products whereas Apple has a few but highly successful ones. Apple, as is widely known focuses on superbly designed ahead of the market products which its loyal customers invariably fall in love with.

Likewise Apple’s business approach is to ensure that a perfect product hits the market whereas Microsoft appears to have the philosophy of getting it right the 3rd time!

For the Indian IT industry he believed that the time was right to leverage its successful BPO model to offer “expertise as a service” which would he predicts alter the way the middle management in global corporations functioned. Also, he advised the industry to focus more on brand building!!

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