NASSCOM Announces Special Offer for Delegates

NASSCOM wishes all a very Happy New Year! 2009 brings with it, a new hope, reassured optimism and renewed zeal to take upon the challenges that had to be faced in the major part of 2008. This is the right time to take stock of things, find out how economies have changed and work out a strategy which, helps in sustaining in the near term while keeping a tab on opportunities that would appear in the long run.

This is also the right time to take advantage of the limited seat special offer to register yourself at the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2009! As a New Year Gift, a flat rate of INR 26,000/-(USD 575) across categories, is being offered to the first 50 nominations.
10 Reasons why you should register now:

  • To avail the special offer of INR 26,000/-
  • To get a chance to listen to the world leaders like John Chambers, Shashi Tharoor, C K Prahlad
  • To rub shoulders with industry heads, top of the line analysts & consultants, world leaders and thought gurus
  • To understand where the economy is headed and get solutions to sustain growth in a slowdown
  • To update yourself on the emerging technologies and how you can get the maximum output through minimum resources
  • To begin and end each day with a luminary speaker, offering insights on the issues that make a difference
  • To be a part of the conference with a track dedicated to countries interested in investing in India
  • To find out the what the year holds for M&A
  • To be a part of the Green Brigade and learn how to contribute to save the environment
  • To recognize the security challenges we face now and strategies to safeguard ourselves

Hurry! Click here to Register now.

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