NASSCOM Demonstrates Renewed Commitment to Software Product Ecosystem

Implements recommendations emerging from N.R. Narayana Murthy led committee with launch of restructured Product Council

In the 1990s the Y2K driven transformation gave the Indian IT Services industry a vital opportunity to establish a beachhead from which they built up a world class and dominant global industry – which has made all Indians proud.  In 2013, the software industry is undergoing a similar metamorphosis worldwide as the forces of open source, cloud, mobile, tsunami-like proliferation of consumer devices and the ever increasing popularity of on-demand “as-a-service” software delivery models force all existing software stakeholders to re-engineer and re-strategize.  In this climate of worldwide transformation, the Indian software products industry has before it a critical window of opportunity which we should seize to help establish India as a dominant and world class provider of software products and IP.

Our community has taken another step forward on what promises to be a very exciting and rewarding journey.  In March 2013, a committee chaired by Infosys cofounder N.R. Narayana Murthy announced a set of broad recommendations to build the NASSCOM vision 2020.  Those recommendations sought to realign the industry body’s goals and structure to ensure it fully addresses the needs and aspirations of important emerging industry stakeholders and sectors including the software products segment.

The Indian software product sector is today at a very exciting inflection point and with immense opportunity to rapidly grow both domestic and global market footprints.  The concerted engagement and full commitment by the top leadership of NASSCOM serves as a huge shot in the arm for this emerging high value software product ecosystem.

I am pleased to announce NASSCOM is implementing another set of the Murthy committee recommendations with the launch of a newly refocused initiative — the NASSCOM Product Council for 2013-15.  On a personal level, I am honored to accept the role of Chairman of the NASSCOM Product Council and to represent the software products vertical on the Executive Council.  I also look forward to working closely with Mr. Krishnakumar Natarajan (“”KK” as he is fondly called), Chairman, NASSCOM and Mr. Som Mittal, President, NASSCOM and the full time NASSCOM teams across all the regional offices.

It is also my privilege to have an outstanding cast of fellow Council members who are magnanimously volunteering their scarcest resource – their personal time — to serve on this council and to help us nurture and build our domestic product ecosystem.  My two sentence synopses of their backgrounds won’t do justice to their depth of expertise and superb accomplishments, but here goes:

  • Manav Garg, CEO & Founder,Eka Software has built from scratch out of in India one of the world’s leading software and trading platform enablers in global physical commodity trading and risk management.
  • Girish Mathrubootham, CEO, Freshdesk is creating one of the world’s best customer support platforms in the cloud, and is super-passionate about customer service and usability.
  • Sanjay Parthasarthy, CEO, Indix, is building an innovative big data product startup.  Prior to this, he has spent 19 years at Microsoft with his last role being Corporate VP of the Startup Business Accelerator.
  • Hanuman Tripathi, Founder and Group Managing Director, Infrasoft Technologies, brings 28 years of software and services experience with a focus on banking and financial solutions.
  • Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam is CEO, PK4 Software, a market leader in on-demand CRM solutions for India, and strongly believes that automation will transform software development and engineering.
  • Rohith Bhat, Managing Director & CEO, Robosoft is focused on building products, mobile applications and gaming across all popular mobile platforms.

Over their stellar careers, each has built up and continues to currently manage a substantial, high impact software business.  They understand the real world challenges and opportunities faced by those who seek to innovate, build and scale up ventures out of India targeting both global and domestic markets.  Finally and most important to me, each of these individuals has already demonstrated a passionate desire to contribute to the software product community and are eager to help nurture the next wave of successful ventures and entrepreneurs within our ecosystem.  My personal thanks go out to all my new colleagues for agreeing to volunteer their intellect, experience, time and passion as members of our Product Council.

While the council brings considerable collective experience towards achieving our goals, what will really determine our success is to welcome volunteers from all our regional chapters to join us on this important journey.  It is my personal goal to adopt a truly collaborative and inclusive “big tent” community approach on all the council’s activities and join hands across all forms of organizations and regions to ensure maximum positive impact for our software product ecosystem.

Let me also take this opportunity to sincerely thank our outgoing council chair and my good friend Sharad Sharma for his outstanding leadership and contributions to the NASSCOM Product Forum and for the tireless efforts he put in as the co-chair of multiple NPC conferences over his tenure.  I look forward to Sharad’s continued guidance, collaboration and support as we build upon the very solid foundation his leadership helped establish over the past few years.

Over the course of the upcoming term, the council will focus on a six-pillar engagement model to enhance branding, market access, benchmarking, corporate connect, product design and enablement of product solutions in India.  The council will collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to help structure, resource and implement an innovative set of initiatives which seek to further our stated strategic goals.  We will look forward to pan-India volunteer support as we roll out these initiatives in the coming months.

Finally, I am happy to announce the 10th edition of the NASSCOM Product Conclave planned for October 29th & 30th in Bangalore.  We expect this year’s event to deliver yet another very exciting, bigger, better, more entertaining and deeply engaging product conclave.  I look forward to teaming up with NPC veteran MR Rangaswamy as Conference Co-Chairs for this event and am thrilled to have Mukund Mohan, a critical volunteer leader from last year’s conference, returning to team up with Sanjay Anandaram as our all- important Program Co-Chairs.  We welcome volunteers of all stripes and colors to join us and help us curate a world class conference experience.  NPC will be a gathering of all key stakeholders in our community to ensure we learn, share, and connect with each other.

I’m excited to be embarking on this ‘product journey’ with the NASSCOM community at large, and I plan to use this forum to keep our membership and all stakeholders apprised of plans and progress and seek your feedback.  I look forward to working with you in realizing our collective vision of the world’s next generation of successful world class product businesses that are “built in India with passion & excellence!”

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