NILF 2010 beckoning

On Tuesday, Feb 9, a day from now, NILF 2010 would have started. I am looking forward, as always, to being a part of the event that I have been attending for several years now. This year’s event holds special significance as it appears the industry has turned the corner, and there are definite signs of companies emerging from the clutches of the recession.

Last year, the event theme was dominated by tackling the downturn. This year, however, with its eclectic mix of speakers and topics, the event holds much promise.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the delegate numbers have reached a record 1650. That itself tells us two things- one the lifting of the veil of gloom and industry colleagues wanting to get back to action and two,  the growing stature of NILF as the event that brings the global outsourcing industry together.

I am looking forward to meeting friends from the industry as well as attend select sessions. The Masterclass workshops in particular seem like an interesting addition to the format.

Will post more updates in a day………..

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