NILF 2010: Bound to be a watershed in the growth of IT services

The Indian It services industry has just reached $ 50 billion in size despite a challenging year following the global financial crisis. Suddenly, everything has changed, starting from investments in IT to customer priorities. Maximizing returns on IT investments, and outsourcing of services to maximize the use of existing IT infrastructure are likely to be the focus. Everyone is on a learning curve, coping with the ‘new normal’ based on an entirely new set of dynamics.

While the NILF has always been the beacon pointing the way forward for the industry, never has the need to shed light on the direction to follow been more imperative than this year. Will the NILF deliver? A look at the schedule shows that itis packed with value, with sessions that will educate, clarify, inform and guide. Each professional and entrepreneur at the NILF will be here with their own set of questions. How well they manage their time and the sessions will determine whether they are able to get answers for those questions!

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