NILF 2013: A crash course in crises management

For me, the week of trepidations is over finally.

With the curtains falling on the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2013, there is certainly a sense of vacuum in the crisis zone. This week-end, I have had to take a mental note of not looking at the BB way too often, more out of habit, than out of need. But, thankfully it stayed silent for the good part of the two days. This morning, I return to my desk satisfied.

I guess everything did go well. The effort that we put into the three day event did pay rich dividends. We earned a lot of friends, ambassadors for NASSCOM and truckloads of goodwill.

But personally, this edition has been a test of grit.  Don’t remember the last time when I needed such high dose of nervous energy.

This year also highlighted how the ecosystem of an event is much larger than the three days that come to play in a conference room, with the lights and sounds on. What happened in the room, held the burden and impact of a sudden cabinet meeting that polished off a minister from the agenda, the ripple effect of Afzal Guru’s hanging that grounded CM Omar Abdullah and sent another session into a tizzy. It bore the brunt of the infested season called February where multiple speakers fell under the weather and got kicked by destiny’s stroke that claimed the legs of two speakers at the nth moment.

However, amidst all this chaos,  the good news that surfaced is that NASSCOM now has enough friends who extend a hand in help when the going gets tough. These friends were only a call away and slipped in to fill the gaps beautifully and hold everything together– no tantrums, no questions asked. We can never thanks them enough.

The only way to repay would be by making the platform bigger and better – more respected and credible – year after year for projecting Brand India – bolder!

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