NILF: Where the Tycoons come to Dance

So, we are all at the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, and right from the gentle welcome of the hospitable Grand Hyatt crew (they offered to take care of our bags while we participate in the conference – and for no charge, mind you!), this conference seems to be buzzing with the energy.

I would suppose that there is a sligt dampen in the energy of the growth segment as a whole, but there seems to be a varied perspective that is being applied here.  NASSCOM Connect is a tool that NASSCOM has launched for the participants to connect before hand, and putting that too good use, its a good way to figure out the chairs that these participants take back in their offices and what they are incharge of. The participation demographics has much to say.

There is a lot of interest from soil away from home to tap into the Indian segment. I guess the fact that India and China are going to be the growth markets, are positively influencing this move and I am not surprised by it. One good thing that will come out of it will be new market research reports, which even the startups and emerging companies can make use of, to better their services. What is also another positive note is that we, as indian companies, need to start looking at India as a market. The gold mine is not elsewhere, but just beneath our feet, in the air we breathe, and have gotten so accustomed to.

The great aspect of an event like this seems to be the calibre of people its attracting. As always there are the usual consultants lurking the corridors, but I see a slew of CXOs from fairly well known organizations. Its, for now, the ground where the Indian tycoons come together to dance. The tune of it, is what we will be talking about as we go along.

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