Real-time and on-demand risk analytics: the next big wave of growth

The credit crisis of 2008 has resulted in a marked rise in demand for an even closer access to meaningful risk information from organisations globally and led to a renewed focus on speedy and accurate information by the regulators, thereby increasing focus on on-demand risk analytics

On-demand and real-time risk analytics involve processing of data as and when it arrives. As a part of this, information management, performance enhancement and advanced analytics are built into the process from the start. Having the capability to perform on-demand risk analytics means:

  • Updating exposures, prices and market data in real-time
  • Having increased flexibility to perform rapid “what if” scenario analysis to model risk exposure
  • Providing the granularity to drill down into the risk analytics results
  • Delivering up-to-the minute analytics to decision makers to analyse the impact on business strategy

This form of analytics is likely to be the enabler of the next wave of growth of risk analytics as the demand for closer access to meaningful risk information from organisations and the need for speedy and accurate information by the regulators increase considerably.

High speed computing systems and low latency data storage and transfers, coupled with the exponential blast of data being generated have enabled real-time access to various risk exposures, specifically within the trading markets.

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