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Covering Nasscom From An Industry Analyst’s Point Of View

Hello and welcome!  As you might know, I am a principal analyst and CEO of Constellation Research, Inc.  We are a research and advisory firm focused on disruptive technologies and business models.   Some of you may know me from my blog (A Software Insider’s Point of View) or previous visits to India and Nasscom.  In any case, it’s a privilege and pleasure to be here in Mumbai for ILF 2011.   Throughout the event, look for my tweets at #nasscom_ilf and watch for blog posts with an analyst frame of reference (see Figure 1).

Figure 1.  The Nasscom Stage – The Night Before

Conversations On The Way To Nasscom Focus On India And Its Role In The Global Tech Economy

Now, as many of you know, the trip to India takes almost 24 hours from San Francisco.  By the tenth hour, you and your fellow passengers have watched every movie you can see, poorly slept, eaten 2 meals, and more than happy to strike an intellectual conversation.  For me, trips to India, Brazil, China, and the UAE always provide good data points on disruptive and emerging technology adoption in fast growing economies.   This trip proved no differently.  Surrounded by techies, from the IT and bio tech world, we dove into heated discussions ranging from India’s place in the global tech economy; to inspiring innovation in Indian companies; to China vs India; to the future of outsourcing.

Figure 1. Software Insider Stages Of Service Firm Maturity

The Bottom Line: Can India’s Info Tech Leaders Chart Their Own Path?

All in all, these conversations reflected the top of mind items in the tech community and mirrored many of the Nasscom agenda items.   Among the NRI’s, a lot of attention discussed the rebalancing of power from the United States to India and China in the tech community.  Among us outsiders, we expressed a respect and recognition for how much India has accomplished.  In fact, most infotech firms have made a shift from provider to catalyst (see Figure 1).  A few market leaders such as Infosys, HCL, TCS, and Wipro remained within striking distance of achieving advisor status in some industries.  Western firms such as Accenture, IBM, and Deloitte seek to move from advisor to innovator status.

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Your POV.

Do you agree?  What have you been hearing pre-event?  Can Indian firms emerge to take the leadership positions?  Please add your comments or privately reply  to rwang0 at gmail dot com or r at softwaresinsider dot org and we’ll keep your anonymity.

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