Should CEO’s blog?

As the founder of, I have been asked this question so many times. A short answer to the question ‘Should CEO’s blog?’ would be ‘Yes, if he/she wants to’. The blogging space no doubt has evolved and there are increasingly more CEO’s blogging today. A lot of them are very effective and it’s wonderful to read their blogs for ideas and inspiration. And it’s not only about their company they talk about, they write about personal likes & dislikes, share success & failure stories and are very receptive to relevant feedback and suggestions. What are the benefits?

Company Spokesperson / Brand Building

A CEO is the best spokesperson for the company. He knows what is going on in the company and can effectively use blogging as a communication tool both inside and outside the company. He can blog to share ideas about the product or the services and get instant feedback on those. This helps to fine tune his products and know what the user is looking for.  A clear and effective communication with the consumers does a world of good in terms of building a brand online.

Brand building is fine, but can it help me sell?

We all know one thing for sure, it’s more comfortable to do business with people whom you know about and easier to deny business to a faceless person. Your blog will help people knowing more about you. A blog can definitely help win business. When users read a CEO’s blog, over a period of time, it translates into a more credible resource for the company. A trust factor can get build with the thoughts shared by the CEO. ‘I know the CEO and will ask him that’ factor and a lot more readers approaching you, you will have to learn to manage your time effectively.

A useful place for dialogue

Look at how Hrush Bhatt used his blog for an effective dialogue when someone complained about his company’s services on twitter and marked it #fail (How #fail is really bad to use is a different discussion). Rajesh Jain, Sanjeev Bikchandani, Deap Ubhi, Gaurav Mishra, Bhavin Turakhia and so many other Indian CEO bloggers have some very good posts on personal development, leadership, time management – areas what they are good at and such blog posts really start great discussions on the topic. Such dialogues can help the company and the CEO get a lot of mindshare in consumers minds.

Attracting Talent

You’ve learnt so many things in the process of you being a CEO. Share with the young minds. They need it. And they will appreciate a lot. There is no better place to share your stories with them – Inspire them and they would want to work with you! Blogging also helps to attract people who love what you are doing and for your company such guys are the best.

There are many other things blogging can be useful for – it also depends on the industry you are in. A filmmaker can share his thoughts and involve readers in the filmmaking and by the time the film is released, he’ll already have thousands of audience interested to watch the film. A CEO of a startup can benefit by using the blog to discuss ideas with potential users and coming up with a great product. One very important thing though is ‘You should blog only if you feel like’. Do not force yourself to write and once you decide to start writing, be regular. Even two posts per month is fine, but do that regularly.

There would be more things that can be useful. Do share it with me. If you are interested in talking more about this over a cup of coffee, meet me at Nasscom India Leadership Forum.

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