Start-up Hiring Mantra – Empower your people

Working in a Start-up is all about combining creativity, optimism and passion. The start-up world is different and unlike traditional jobs, you are not required to be ‘a cog in the wheel’ with defined responsibilities; the start-up work ethics demand extra tenacity, resiliency, audacity and energy on your part at the same time providing a gamut of opportunities that can make a huge impact in your career.Start-up_Hiring_Mantra

Every start-up wishes to work with innovative minds and to accomplish this, start-up founders often resort to innovative practices to attract and retain best in class talent e.g., extensive match-making through job portals and social media platforms, meeting like-minded people during hackathons and get-togethers, along with offering internships and short term projects to the promising candidates.

Start-up Hiring

Start-ups often score higher than large organisations in terms of career advancement, as a result several young start-ups have successfully been able to attract talent from various top-notch organisations due to better prospects for career progression. With almost flat and lean structure with little hierarchy, a start-up provides enough room to grow and move up faster in your career; at the same time, offers a great platform to showcase and drive creativity, innovation and decision making skills. In short, they empower people a lot more than other organizations.

‘Hiring’ is not the only key consideration, Start-ups are successfully establishing their own rules of engaging, rewarding & retaining talent. Scaling up and growth hacking – are the key priorities for employee engagement in any start-up organisation in addition to various employee benefits including stock options, health coverage, enhanced growth opportunities and flexible work culture and office timings.

Rest all assured, for all these young entrepreneurs, it’s no more a big deal to head-hunt talent towards building a right team with a right attitude; it’s a play of creating right rules with a right vision…

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