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The MNC show at NILF 2011

Accenture, CapGemini, IBM, Cisco, CA Technologies, CSC, AT&T and ATOS Origin….. they are highly visible and participate in NILF 2011. Accenture is the knowledge partner, as always! Cap Gemini is doing a number of things around the event- they brought in Robert Swan, polar explorer, for a masterclass session; they have sponsored an evening and their top management has anchored sessions. IBM and Cisco are showcasing their cool technologies- the spoken web and telepresence.  CSC and others are key sponsors. One thing is clear – for all these companies, India as a market or offshore destination- is important enough to warrant such an investment of time and money.I was chatting with folks from these companies and all of them reiterated the need to underscore their India-intentions in as many ways as they could. more

Community Marketing or Advertising?

While Accenture, IBM and CapGemini blasted their ads, the traditional response of the Indian IT marketer has been that we target a very small base of organizations, so ads would be overkills. When we first started discussing this, back in the early part of the last decade, we assumed that when the firms were bigger they would end up having to advertise, as one-to-one would become unwieldy. more

Salutations! Live from Nasscom ILF 2011!


The cloud is here to stay

was the clear message of panelists in the Road Ahead session – Working in the Cloud: the business factors, drivers and values of the cloud” on the opening day of NILF 2010. Stephanie Moore, CMO, UST Global and former Forrester analyst explained how the drivers for cloud computing were similar to those that drove outsourcing. She also gave examples of opportunities for service providers in the cloud space- managed services, integration & customization opportunities and aggregation. William Bauman of CA said that cloud computing was a disruptive trend akin to the internet and earlier distrivuted computing. more