On February 9 as the four of us – Yusuf Jan, Faisal Shuja Khan, Syed Ahmad and I – walked into the Grand Hyatt, and registered for Nasscom 2010, we met various people from the Nasscom team and from the Indian IT industry. Some were old friends who were happy to see us and others were people that we were meeting for the first time. As we chatted and caught up, it was obvious how easy it was to relate to each other and once again I thought how unfortunate it was that we couldn’t meet more easily and more frequently. This was echoed by a lot of the people I met who thought that as a region we were losing out because we could not capitalize on combining our strengths and collaborating to make our region richer and more vibrant. “Look at what others around the world have been able to do in the EU, NAFTA, Asean,” said someone I have been meeting at various Nasscom events over the years. Yes we have disagreements which we may never resolve but does that mean we should let that keep us from developing our region and letting the benefits of such collaboration alleviate some of the common issues that plague our people? I am not a political being and have never really understood if wars and strife and political posturing ever helped anyone. I am not naive enough to believe that serious problems don’t exist but as Yusuf pointed out, can our politicians not let a functional layer continue to operate with efficiency while they blow “hot and cold” at the political level? We have spent the past 62 years fighting several wars, making political statements that helped neither side, keeping each other from alleviating the poverty that exists in our countries, from sharing the strengths and talents that exist in our region and from developing an understanding that could perhaps one day lead to solutions that we as independent nations are looking for. more