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15 Megatrends shaping the World of Work- Part 2

Continued from my previous blog post (  , here are the next 5 megatrends shaping the way of work- more

Prescriptive analytics and Industrial IoT: Growing up together

Prescriptive analytics is a bit of a unicorn – a thing of beauty, but rarely seen.  I think that’s about to change, with prescriptive analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enjoying their teenage years together.  Other styles of analytics (Describe, Discover and Predict) are inherently dependent on subject matter experts (SMEs) for interpretation.  That is, to a large extent current analytics tools and applications present data and information, but with little related business context.  So, a SME is required to infer the context and work their way towards a decision, based partly on data, partly on their expertise, and partly on intuition. more

The business of politics: a Big Opportunity for Big Data

Immediately after the 2012 U.S. presidential election, dozens of news articles breathlessly described the role Big Data played in the Obama campaign’s victory. As someone who worked with data on the 2012 Obama campaign, these articles surprised me – though, not because they got it wrong. It was surprising because the political analytics sector in the United States has been growing steadily for more than a decade. We data nerds were accustomed to toiling in relative obscurity, so it was a weird – but generally appreciated – moment when the outside world finally noticed what we were doing. Suddenly, it became an accepted fact that any large and sophisticated political campaign would have to prioritize data, modeling, tech, and testing. I feel confident that Big Data will remain a growth industry in U.S. politics for many election cycles to come. more

The Big Data Disruption

Often I hear big data or data science lauded as a “disruptive” movement destined to change the way business is done across the internet, industries, and the world. I don’t disagree. Using data, Netflix changed the way we discover and consume film and television. Amazon has done the same for thousands of consumer goods, including books. Countless industries have been “disrupted” by data-driven companies.
The Big Data Disruption more

The Third Edition of NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit, Likely To Break Previous Records!

Are we saying here’s another summit on Big Data & Analytics so it’s an opportunity for you to attend, just in case you missed the bus? It couldn’t be further from the truth.
The Third Edition of NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit, Likely To Break Previous Records! more

How Major Brands Will Use Social Media Big Data in 2015 for Marketing

Social Media is a reservoir of robust amount of data both, structured and unstructured. The outcome of the extent brands will tap into them to generate actionable insights to optimize their marketing initiatives is limitless. From registering customer footfalls, brands have gone an extra mile to monitor their behavior to enhance their experience in this digitally transforming ecosystem. That being said, what will the future of Social Media look like for the users and marketers? more