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Make in India, sell in India, buy from India

Because we are the world’s largest and fastest growing open global marketplace more

Multichannel strategies, a bridge between offline and online worlds


In the past decade, the evolution of communications technologies has dramatically changed the way people interact. The widespread growth in Internet connections, the adoption of cell phone short messages (SMS) the beggining of smartphones, tablets and applications, the rise of the social media… all this new media has reshaped the way we talk to each other, connect with the world and the products, services and companies we like. And not only to communicate. Data and information are now more accessible than ever. more

BPO is evolving fast- too fast for some markets

What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)? As the name suggests, it is the outsourcing of specific business processes to a trusted partner, but this process has changed over the past decade from very simple processes to those that are so complex it is impossible to detect the boundary between the company buying a service and the one performing it. more

Quo vadis, BPM?

Over the past decade, India has established leadership position in the global BPM outsourcing space through a combination of low cost, access to talent pool, mature industry landscape with over 500 service providers, global footprint with presence in over 78 countries and multi-lingual skills. The Indian BPM ecosystem is unmatched in the world, and despite pressure from other emerging locations, this unique value proposition has enabled India to maintain its leadership position in the global BPM outsourcing landscape with a share of 38 per cent in 2013. more

Future of IT

IT in the future- Consumerized, all pervasive, connected, at the center of every person and organization’s life- more

Do people prefer *any* accent?

If you are British – like me – then you know a few things about regional accents. Stereotypes about people, and who they are, exist based on where you are from in UK itself, let alone outside the country. more