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Entrepreneur Strategy Essentials – 10 Commandments (Part 2) Build the Organization

Part II – Build the Organization

Building Organization-2In the first part of this three-part series, I spoke about the three items related to “Build the Product” namely – Understand the Customer, Understand the Competition and Identify Differentiators (Value Proposition). All these elements contribute to building a product that will have some unique capabilities (at least for some time until competition catches up), will appeal to your customers giving the necessary edge over competition. Having built the right product, it is no important on building the right organization. Recall that in my first part, I had mentioned the need to dream big and having your eyes set on building a large organization even when you start small. Here are few elements that are important for building this futuristic large organization: more

Employee Branding

David started the session showcasing the agenda of the session: more