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Why Indian CEOs are taking over the global technology industry

Jim Collins spent over 20 years studied the role of leadership in determining what causes some companies to become “great” having superior performance while others are just good or mediocre. The gist of his research can be summarized in one powerful statement- more

Digital Disorientation and the CEO

The breakneck speed of innovation and emergence of new business models is causing disorientation in many. The world of Digital has been described by some as VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). I think ZIUP (Zipping, Innovative, Unbound, Potential) would be more befitting to this new Digital world. more

Virtual Currencies – the Biggest Disruption Internet Ever Created?

Digital wallets do not need financial institutions or a central authority to intermediate transactions and are quickly being adopted by companies from different industries. The volume that exceeds 3 million spontaneous mentions per month, on social media channels under this topic, reflects on how online audiences are engaging with this new reality. more

Should Shashi Tharoor use Twitter?

I attended the unconference session led by Beth Kanter yesterday, focused on the subject ‘Should CEOs use social media or not?’ I arrived a bit late, as I didn’t realise where the session was, and thankfully enough when I asked the question on Twitter at least three people directed me. more