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Is China the role model for India’s Internet story? NO. Most definitely NO.

Historical civilizations, humongous populations, cultural and religious overlaps, and current generation economic powerhouses- India and China are perhaps the two countries in the world that share most in common. Do the above similarities mean that the India internet adoption and business model monetization story will also pan out the same way that it did in China? According to a recent JP Morgan study, the answer is “No”. more

Startups: Bubble or no Bubble?

Is there a StartUp Bubble on the doorstep?

Bubble is defined differently by different people who specialize in different subjects. While an economist attributes this phenomenon to an unsustainable valuation of a cluster of companies that are built on large capitals raised from the public directly or indirectly through various funding instruments not limited to just stock market listing.  For a common man this means he is going to loose jobs, his immovable asset valuation dives nose down and he foresees a lot of turbulence in financial situation of his family.  All this is in a way, true but also “not as straight as it seems”. There is more to this saga of “bubble and its effect” that what we think. more

Why Indian CEOs are taking over the global technology industry

Jim Collins spent over 20 years studied the role of leadership in determining what causes some companies to become “great” having superior performance while others are just good or mediocre. The gist of his research can be summarized in one powerful statement- more

How India Continues to Maintain its Leadership Position in the Global Technology Landscape

India continues to reinforce its position as the only country in the world from where one can do anything and everything. India has continued to maintain its first mover advantage and retained its leadership position in the global sourcing arena with a share of 55 per cent in FY2015. At the foundation of this value proposition are four robust growth pillars, which defines its attractiveness as a key destination. more

Back to the BRICs? Or BICs?

I sat down to talk with Sachin Tikekar, Chief of People Operations at KPIT Cummins, yesterday. I wanted to ask him about his observations on the IT services market in India at present and whether there are any fundamental changes that will make 2010 different. more