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The MNC show at NILF 2011

Accenture, CapGemini, IBM, Cisco, CA Technologies, CSC, AT&T and ATOS Origin….. they are highly visible and participate in NILF 2011. Accenture is the knowledge partner, as always! Cap Gemini is doing a number of things around the event- they brought in Robert Swan, polar explorer, for a masterclass session; they have sponsored an evening and their top management has anchored sessions. IBM and Cisco are showcasing their cool technologies- the spoken web and telepresence.  CSC and others are key sponsors. One thing is clear – for all these companies, India as a market or offshore destination- is important enough to warrant such an investment of time and money.I was chatting with folks from these companies and all of them reiterated the need to underscore their India-intentions in as many ways as they could. more

Your virtual assistant at NILF 2011

The future is all about virtualization said Mike Rogers, futurist in residence at New York Times  who spoke on the opening day of NILF 2011. In his opinion, more interactions will be virtual in the near future than we can imagine. Our kids who are growing up in this environment may actually need to be trained to carry out interactions in the “offline” or real world, he said! Among the technologies that he spoke of, that will make a significant difference to the way companies transact business, was telepresence. Calling it videoconferencing on steroids, Rogers is convinced that with the growing sophistication of technology on one hand, and economic considerations on the other, business travel is bound to come down significantly sooner than we think.  I could well believe it, given that at Prayag, we have taken advantage of this method a fair number of times in the recent past. more

Don’t forget your vinegar

Another very interesting session was the one by Michael Rogers,  who is a “Futurist – in – Residence” at the New York Times. Rogers writes a column called the Practical Futurist in NYT and his area of interest is in understanding new technologies and their impact on human life. His theme for the talk was virtualization – where people worked and interacted remotely and about tools that enabled it.  He gave some cool examples of gadgets that we are quite familiar with and some that are not yet popular – smart phones is of course obvious.  Rogers talked about smart phones that could project a virtual keyboard on any flat surface and could also function as a pico projector. Clearly, smart phones are only getting smarter! more