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An introduction to Cloud Computing

In recent times, we hear almost all companies have moved to cloud computing. But, what is cloud computing? Where is this ‘cloud’? In technical parlance, cloud implies anything that involves hosted services over the Internet. This means, anyone can consume compute resources as a utility – like electricity, or water or gas – rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructure at their office/ residence. more

Indian IT-BPM Industry- venturing in uncharted waters, enabling business growth for clients in the digital era

As the saying goes “All great changes are preceded by chaos.” And this could not be truer for the global economy today. Beginning with economic turmoil, the ripple effects of which are still being felt today, to the ongoing political upheavals across the world. From the erratic movements in global commodity prices, inflation and unemployment and the constantly shifting business and technology landscape, volatility is now an ongoing reality than an exception. At the same time, businesses all over the world now face the digital, connected customer- one who is informed, decisive and influential. Organizations have no choice but to use technology to undergo a digital transformation themselves. Digitization can extend reach of organizations, enhance management decisions, and accelerate development of new growth engines. more

The Internet of Things: Part I

What is the Internet of Things?

A term like “Internet of Things” (IoT) can become so over-used that it loses all meaning. Those of us who were around for the “Web 2.0” hype cycle remember this situation. In retrospect, the outcome of “Web 2.0” was the interactive, self-authoring Internet, as we know it today: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, blogs, among others. In technology, once something becomes successful it simply becomes the way things are, and no longer needs a name. I believe we will see a similar phenomenon around IoT: once it has transformed the world, it will no longer even need a name, and it will just be the way things are. more

Why the Agility of Cloud, not the Cost Savings, Can be a Difference Maker for Your Business

Enterprise cloud adoption rates have climbed in leaps and bounds over the past several years. In fact, IDG Research released results of a survey last year, Cloud Adoption: Hybrid Is the Future, which found that the majority of businesses have either deployed applications or workloads using hybrid cloud or are in the process of doing so. Moreover, two years from now, respondents said that they expect their hybrid cloud application/workload deployments to triple. more

Internet of Things (IoT) and the Data Center

Internet of Things or IoT threatens to generate huge amount of data,and bring in new challenges related to model, security, management, and more that will transform the data center more

5 key takeaways from NASSCOM ILF 2015 around the amazing world of digital

NASSCOM’s ILF 2015 is always a great place to meetup with the Industry crowd and share insights. This time around, it was a great opportunity to glean insights on the amazing world of Digital.
5 key takeaways from NASSCOM ILF 2015 around the amazing world of digital more