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Does container-as-a-service spell doom for SaaS?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is software developed, hosted by the vendor, and accessed by users over the Internet. The underlying infrastructure and code base are centrally maintained by the SaaS vendor and shared by all customers. Customers access the SaaS applications over the internet unlike traditional packaged applications that are instantiated specifically for and hosted within the enterprise. more

How to decide which analytics you need for Industrial IoT?

That, as I believe Shakespeare almost said once, is the question.  I’ve written before that, at the highest level, ARC thinks about analytics in four categories:  Describe, Discover, Predict and Prescribe.  That’s fine, it gives us a nice cozy way to bucket business intelligence, operational intelligence, and analytics tools and solutions.  But, that’s as far as it goes.  As a model, it doesn’t help technology buyers figure out what is the appropriate type of solution for any particular situation.  To work through that process calls for something different. more

Is Open Source Software Security on Your Radar?

Tides are changing in the open source world. The growth of open source products and services has reached new highs. Right now, there are more open source projects being rolled out than ever before, and that number is growing rapidly. more

IEEE P2413 Standards Group Allies with Industrial Internet Consortium toward development of an architectural framework for an interoperable IoT

The IEEE, or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, announced formal collaboration with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) toward development of a comprehensive reference architecture, or architectural framework, for an interoperable Internet of Things (IoT).  Under the agreement, the IEEE P2413 working group is to provide the Industrial Internet Consortium with draft specifications for the standard that it is developing, as well as a gap analysis relative to current IoT standards. more

Why Indian CEOs are taking over the global technology industry

Jim Collins spent over 20 years studied the role of leadership in determining what causes some companies to become “great” having superior performance while others are just good or mediocre. The gist of his research can be summarized in one powerful statement- more

How to launch your fleet of connected products (IoT enabled)?

For industrial companies that make machines of any kind, IoT has become a “not if, but when” proposition. How do you move from an unconnected state to supporting a connected fleet of IoT products?  You need to prototype, scale, and then manage your fleet of Internet of Things products. Doing so involves adding technology such as computing and communications hardware, software, a cloud back-end, and analytics. It also may involve adding services. more