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Customer Centricity- Getting a Smile Everytime

When your customer gets in touch with you, what should their experience be like? Well, regardless of any metrics or measures, the bottom line is that they should go away with a smile on their face. Sometimes we are so tied up in the strategic management of customer service that this simple truth is forgotten. more

2015: The year where we will focus on customer experience

It’s that time of the year where everyone is looking back at the past year and then making predictions for the year ahead. I would like to add to the voices offering their predictions, but without just offering clichés such as ‘the customer will expect more in 2015’. Of course they will expect more. They always expect more. more

Is Mobile CRM really that important?

In an era where technology is a key driver of businesses, mobile phones and social media have rapidly emerged as ideal for a brand to connect with consumers. The challenge is that with increasing competition has also come the need for companies to significantly ‘up their game’ in terms of using mobile and social media to manage customer relationships.  Therefore, developing a coherent customer strategy using mobile and social platforms is one of the most critical imperatives for companies today.
Is Mobile CRM really that important? more

The CEOs Social Media – Should You? Why and How?

Even before I started writing this post and collated my thoughts, a small research on the Internet, showed enough gyaan by many a Social Media gurus and others, who have shared all about why the CEO Must and Must NOT Use Social Media?! more