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Prescriptive analytics and Industrial IoT: Growing up together

Prescriptive analytics is a bit of a unicorn – a thing of beauty, but rarely seen.  I think that’s about to change, with prescriptive analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enjoying their teenage years together.  Other styles of analytics (Describe, Discover and Predict) are inherently dependent on subject matter experts (SMEs) for interpretation.  That is, to a large extent current analytics tools and applications present data and information, but with little related business context.  So, a SME is required to infer the context and work their way towards a decision, based partly on data, partly on their expertise, and partly on intuition. more

The Big Data Disruption

Often I hear big data or data science lauded as a “disruptive” movement destined to change the way business is done across the internet, industries, and the world. I don’t disagree. Using data, Netflix changed the way we discover and consume film and television. Amazon has done the same for thousands of consumer goods, including books. Countless industries have been “disrupted” by data-driven companies.
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How Financial Companies Can Choose the Right Big Data Analytics Tool

The Banking and Financial Services and Insurance industry (BFSI) is considered as one of the early adopters of analytics. Now with the unprecedented rise of data, the BFSI industry is on the threshold of reinventing itself. Additionally, factors such as rise in operational costs, cutting edge competition, and incremental risk are driving banks and other financial institutes to constantly innovate and differentiate.
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In Today’s Economy, Third-Party Datacenters Should not be Overlooked

As data environments become more complex and trends like Big Data and rich media content increase datacenter loads to unprecedented levels, enterprises of all sizes are at a loss as to how to respond. more

Utilizing cutting-edge unstructured data analytics to solve today’s business challenges

As technological advances provide more efficient ways to connect and personalize products and services, the expectations and demands of customers are increasing. They want even more personalized products with an even faster turnaround time.Utilizing cutting-edge unstructured data analytics to solve today’s business challenges more

Nine Steps to Extract Insight from Unstructured Data

The increasing digitization of information, coupled with multitude of multi- channel transactions has resulted in a data deluge. The ever- increasing pace of digital information has led the world’s aggregate data to double in even shorter intervals than ever before. According to Gartner, about 80% of data held by an organization is unstructured data, comprised of information from customer calls, emails and social media feeds. This is in addition to the voluminous diagnostic information logged by embedded and user devices. While it would be daunting to even make a proper analysis from organized data, it is all the more difficult to make sense of unstructured data. more