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The Cult of Sloppy Marketing: Bits from Nasscom

Browse the typical I.T. company’s Web site and you’ll find a long list of tired, meaningless clichés in the “About Us” section. Something like: “We create value for clients with unique end-to-end solutions that streamline business processes and enhance operational efficiency.” Look depressingly familiar? more

NILF: Pioneering the use of ICTs and the social media

The NILF, such an integral part of the IT industry’s calendar for the opportunities and trends that it serves to highlight, has also quietly shown the way in the use of ICTs for such events. It began innocuously enough with text message updates, followed by online registrations and print outs of badges at the venue. This was augmented in later years by the official blog which kept people abreast of the goings on at the NILF and gave them a window into the kind of event it is. more

Video conversation with John Suffolk, CIO of UK government, on social media and data mashups

At the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in Mumbai, I had an opportunity to sit down with John Suffolk, Chief Information Officer of Her Majesty’s Government. more

David Meerman Scott on How to Spread the Word-of-Mouse

Meerman is a Dutch name. For all his professional endeavours, David Scott prefers to use his middle name, as in the US, “David Scott,” is quite common. To remove confusion and ensure search engine optimization, he has struck upon this innovative idea. David Meerman Scott - the Marketing Strategist and keynote speaker at international seminars, also likes to introduce himself as “Recovering VP” of two publically traded technology companies. He will be addressing at the Leadership Forum on “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” How word-of-mouse spreads your ideas for free (Downloaded over one million times) more