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Karishma kar dikhaya aap ne…isliye aap se ummeed hain!

Amidst much cheer and enthusiasm over NASSCOM’s 25th anniversary celebration, the Hon’ble Prime Minister reached out to the distinguished guests with a heart-warming candidness. Let us see how.
Karishma kar dikhaya aap ne…isliye aap se ummeed hain! more

Remembering A Change Agent – Dewang Mehta

Among countries in Asia-Pacific region, South-Korea has an average bandwidth speed of 20 Mbps, as against India’s 1.6, which requires of us to do some serious catching up. This bit of trivia resonates well in the 52nd birth anniversary of the man who envisioned bandwidth as a basic necessity – alongwith, food, shelter, clothing and electricity, which is now folklore.Remembering a change agent - Dewang Mehta more

Harish Mehta recounts the NILF journey

NASSCOM started its journey in 1988 as Harishbhai reminisced about a time that was, and the iconic Dewang Mehta who would change the face of NASSCOM forever. Such was the man’s dynamism, that despite being a Chartered Accountant by profession, he was equally conversant with film photography, graphics and also boasted of extraordinary writing skills. His much talked-about article that appeared in the Economic Times in 1990- incidentally it was the year he took over as NASSCOM Chief- was about his vision for NASSCOM and the future of the IT industry. Harishbhai, having read it, found it to be very interesting, and after interacting with Dewang Mehta at NILF, was convinced that he had found the man who could lead the NASSCOM secretariat. The rest as they say is history. Dewang was a very patriotic man who really believed that India had the potential to be a global powerhouse, he added. The first conference that was held in Delhi, was supported by 30-40 members of NASSCOM. Their undivided and untiring efforts helped shape the conference, those days. It was here that Harishbhai met Dewang Mehta, and in a way, the first edition of NILF, was instrumental in bringing the stalwarts together and scripting the IT industry’s destiny. more