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Railway Budget 2016: Leveraging Technology While the Nation Moves

Clearly the Rail Budget has a strong focus on Capacity Building. And rightly addressed, the emphasis on technology stands out. Indian Railways is not one to be demand constrained ever, and it is possible to make the travel experience world class as well. The sheer number of passengers and millions of tonnes of goods which it ferries every day, unquestionably, bequeaths a right to its unique claim in history. Perceptibly, we are now a step closer to address the quality angle as well. more

Are you a Digital Laggard, a Smart Follower or a Digital Attacker? Find out!

At its core, a digital enterprise uses technology to redefine customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and embed digital advantages throughout its business model. The enterprise is configured to deliver maximum strategic and operational value from established and emergent technologies and to react quickly to changes these technologies trigger in customer behavior and the competitive landscape. more

Will Regulators Disrupt Mobility’s Disruptions?

Most of the time, the mobility landscape looks like a free-wheeling, hard-charging, out-with-the-old-rules world. Not just disruptive, but disruptive at warp speed. more

The Disruptors of Retail Industry

Any conversation on the retail industry quickly turns to the topic of disruption. In fact, the very nature of retail is characterized by a constant state of disruption. Seasonal fashion demands the disruption of last season’s trends. Advances in technology disrupt the status quo and create the next must-have consumer technology product.
The Disruptors of Retail Industry more

Salutations! Live from Nasscom ILF 2011!