“It isn’t that the golden era is over. It’s an amazing phase which we are in where we are seeing growth in spite of the slowdown. It is important we see what changes are happening in our space the HR world, jobs are becoming richer, and each job is getting more technology and more platforms which mean that the customer is asking us to do more with less. So we need young people to be interested in his industry and keep being interested.
Those of us who are able to channelize the energy will emerge winners. When we look at the last few years, how many startups have emerged winners it shows us the dominance of technology and what a game changer it has been.
The workforce has become more global and diverse and the challenge for us is to manage this diverse workforce and how to make local process.
Our engagement with be academia has to increase, if we go up the value chain the entry is also changing so we have to concentrate on building and maintain a healthy population in the entry level to meet the demand.
NASSCOM has a very structural way of developing new programs. New certifications are being introduced which students can take up, which will be of benefit to students in colleges where campus placements are not happening. National skill registry has crossed 1million mark. This means that not only individuals are protecting themselves, so are employers.
In conclusion, irrespective of whatever changes that are happening in the market, this industry works only because we have a young workforce whom we can skill and re-skill. I can say from my vantage point that our customers are adopting new models. We can only stay profitable by not losing our edge of a competitive workforce. Hope we continue to collaborate during this conference and later on as well.” more