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Blue Sky ahead: MphasiS’ Ayyar and his take on the IT economy

NILF is a crossroads where you can put your finger on the industry pulse and determine the health of the IT business in India. As a run-up to the event, we thought it would be interesting to speak to key industry CEOs and get their perspective. During a brief chat earlier this week, Ganesh Ayyar, CEO, MphasiS, it became clear that, at long last, the sun was out in the sky at last, though not yet shining its brightest. “I believe that the economy is on an upswing, though client confidence may be a bit fragile. But the bad days of 2009 are gone,” says Ayyar. more

UK recession is over

It’s taken nearly two years, but the British government has announced today that the UK is officially back and growing again. The recession that has lasted since mid-2008 is over. more