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Suggested Smart city ICT and geospatial technologies framework for India

India’s population in towns and cities is expected to reach 600 million by 2031. Urban infrastructure in these towns and cities will need to keep pace with the growing requirements in the years to come. India is also a diverse country with varied geographic, socio-economic and cultural differences across the country. The solution is to develop new smart cities and modernize existing Indian cities leveraging the efficiencies and effectiveness enabled by implementing city specific ICT solutions. more

Smart Cities- A panacea for urban future?

Urbanization is one of the key socio-economic trends of the next decade. It is predicted that by 2050 about 64 per cent of the developing world and 86 per cent of the developed world will be urbanized. This rapid urbanization has cities at the core of the world growth agenda. Competitiveness of nations is turning into competitiveness of cities. Attractiveness of cities depends on effectiveness of city’s economic, environmental and social services. India itself is expected to witness an increase in urban population from 377 million in 2011 to 600 million (twice the current population of the United States) in 2031. Given these numbers, the country is expected to have around 68 cities with population of more than 1 million by 2030. This rapid urbanization is putting up additional pressure on Indian cities which are already struggling to deliver basic city services and infrastructure to citizens and businesses due to lack of robust urban planning mechanism, infrastructure development and investments. more

Entrepreneur Strategy Essentials – 10 Commandments (Part III) Operational Efficiency

Part III – Operational Efficiency

I have had fortune of observing several organizations – there was nothing wrong with these organizations, they were delivering fantastic results andOp Efficiency2 all stakeholders were happy with the performance. However, for some reason, I always felt that these organizations had the potential to deliver performance several notches above. This always reminded me of two very popular management quotes – one, whatever gets measured, gets done and the second one, you get what you ask for. To me, this forms the premise of this concluding part of the series “Building Operational Efficiency”. more

It’s not easy being green

Remember all the noise about the environment back when Al Gore was telling us that the world might end any day soon? The question then was how fast can we all go green and save the planet? A lot of companies paid attention to their carbon use at that time, but in the past few years most firms have just tried to survive. more