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Why you must be outsourcing your translation requirement

“Translation is everywhere,” proclaimed Matthew Sekac, Senior Director – Sales Strategy, Park IP Translations, at the IP Service World Conference held in November 2014 in Munich, Germany. In today’s world which is doing everything it can to ‘go global’ at a rapid pace, how can language translation stay far behind when it comes to being a part of the outsourcing era? Talk about it and you’ll find both supporters and detractors for the same; the supporters will vehemently claim that outsourcing is the only way to go, while the detractors will be equally vociferous in their point of view which says the opposite. more

Common, but fatal errors in software assignment and license agreements (and other copyright agreements) in India

For any commercial agreement dealing with transfer of property (a tangible or an intangible property), it is essential to set out the terms and conditions of the transfer cautiously. The present article highlights some fatal errors that occur when parties entering in agreements for commercialization of copyrights either by way of assignments or licensesignoreimportantstatutory principles with respect to mode of transfer prescribed under the Indian copyright law. more

The Internet of Things: Part I

What is the Internet of Things?

A term like “Internet of Things” (IoT) can become so over-used that it loses all meaning. Those of us who were around for the “Web 2.0” hype cycle remember this situation. In retrospect, the outcome of “Web 2.0” was the interactive, self-authoring Internet, as we know it today: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, blogs, among others. In technology, once something becomes successful it simply becomes the way things are, and no longer needs a name. I believe we will see a similar phenomenon around IoT: once it has transformed the world, it will no longer even need a name, and it will just be the way things are. more

Germany to Bhutan – can the range get any bigger?

After successfully running the flagship event for 17 years in a row, it is given, that during those three days of February in Mumbai, NILF becomes a mini globe of sorts. The last edition boasted of participation from 25 countries, across the world, even as this year promises to be more.  The IT industry of Germany, estimated to be the third largest after US & Japan, really represents one end of the spectrum characterised by high levels of growth and opportunity. On the other hand we have Bhutan, which is at a nascent stage of making its presence felt in the IT roadmap. The other delegations which have confirmed till date are UK, China, France, Australia, Philippines, Jordan, Poland, Egypt, Brazil and Columbia. more