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Suggested Smart city ICT and geospatial technologies framework for India

India’s population in towns and cities is expected to reach 600 million by 2031. Urban infrastructure in these towns and cities will need to keep pace with the growing requirements in the years to come. India is also a diverse country with varied geographic, socio-economic and cultural differences across the country. The solution is to develop new smart cities and modernize existing Indian cities leveraging the efficiencies and effectiveness enabled by implementing city specific ICT solutions. more

Catalysing IT Transformation: Key priorities and challenges

Rajendra Pawar, Chairman, NIIT Technologies: He was also the Chairperson for the session and was the first speaker who initiated the discussion. Government was emerging as the single largest customer in most countries and most service providers were working towards leveraging this opportunity to make a difference. There was enormous scope for growth but the challenge being, that in this case, the government would define the rules and set the perspectives. The government now had two distinct roles to play – one of the policy maker and the other of a customer, Mr Pawar said. He then introduced the two eminent speakers for the session, Mr R Chandrasekhar, Secretary, Ministry of Communication & IT, Government of India and Mr John Suffolk, CIO of the UK Government. more